When used, the word means that you find another petson attractive or appealing. It is the sound that womans' panties make when they are coming off. This act is usually prompted by seeing an attractive person.
Amy: Did you see Marks new profile pic? He has no shirt on and sweat is glistening off his arm muscles.

Amber: Swoosh!


Amber: Amelia is so damn sexy. The way she bites her lip drives me crazy.

Brandi: I know right? Swoosh.
by nuthinbutbootson December 27, 2014
Verb. State of mind.

A description of joining the fun or appreciating something that makes one exceptionally amused or happy.
Friend 1: Wasn't that an awesome song?
Friend 2: Totally wants to make me swoosh!
by ahidam June 25, 2010
Noun. The bangs of a person with long hair that crosses his/her forehead.

Verb. To jerk one's head in order to fix his/her swoosh.
"Your swoosh (n.)is a little messed up."

"Ok thanks. I'll swoosh (v.) my hair then."
by Bobily butt air April 10, 2014
to make your ex jealous
Mackenzie was right next to her ex boyfriend when a car load of guys drove by shouting "I LOVE YOU MACKENZIE" making her ex extremely jealous. in this senario mackenzie did the "swoosh"
by gabiisareallygooddefiner September 19, 2010
a way to insult or diss someone that varies by context
me: omg you are a loser
her: swoosh
me: ?
by nacho-a May 14, 2009
The recognition of any sexual innuendo that may stem from a said word or phrase.

Also symbolized by the hand movement indicating the sound of a scored basketball that's "all net," used in the song "We fly high" when it goes "BALLIN'!"
"I can't believe how hard this is."
by Rachel Bizz April 15, 2008
Noun. A hairstyle typically worn by people labeled as emo, punk or skater. The swoosh is characterized by having long bangs that are brushed over the face, often obscuring vision.
Chris's swoosh is so long that he has to flick his head every five seconds so he can see.

Cut your hair, it looks like you've got a freaking swoosh!
by Kricket_Like_Whoa May 03, 2007
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