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half swan ,half goose, eats nothing but break ,thats half bread and half cake!
the poor swoose family were very hungry and very nearly became extinct during the famine because marie antoinette ordered them to eat cake instead of bread .
#swan #goose #bread #cake #marie #antoinette.
by 65ann February 10, 2009
A pelvic thrust practised by premiscuous women
"Swoose me baby, swoose me"
#slut #whore #sex #intercourse #happy
by James Jackman October 03, 2007
This is a word used by lukey to refer to hanspan when she's being silly, very silly.
"hey lukey, where do bAbies come from ?"
"hanspan, you're actually a swoose! haha"
by lukeh March 23, 2005
"Later" or "peace out," as you walk away. Usually accompanied with peace signs.
"Aye boy, I'm finna dip. Swooses"
"Hey, I'll see ya later, swooses!"
#bye #later #see ya #peace #cya
by Lil soupie January 28, 2015
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