A word that is said after observing someone else getting hurt/insulted. Usually said in a group a the same time.

When this word is said the right hand usually covers his/her mouth. The oooo sound on the end of the word is carried out for as long as the person desires

usually it's black guys who do this.
(Group of guys overlooking another guy get punched in the face.)

Swoooooo! (hand covers mouth)
by swoo style March 28, 2008
The tastnest', aznest' quarterback on the planet earth, excluding uranus.
Man that Swoo, he is krehsy!
by Qua August 10, 2004
An adjective you can use to describe literally anything.
Captain America: Civil War was pretty swoo.
Justin Beiber is swoo
Hitler and the Nazis were really swoo
Urban Dictionary is a swoo website
The list goes on
by Marduk28 June 12, 2016
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