describes a person who is flakey and totally ditches their friends when everyone is hanging out. They seem to always flop the last minute and pull a no-show often without telling anyone.
-Dude, I don't think Aaron is coming over here.
-What? Damn, he's being hella swoo.
by Alcyre May 24, 2009
Top Definition
Also spelled as sweus, is pronounced swoos. A swoos is:

1)the pen-ultimate newb

2) one who consistently commits fouls such as spilling beer and cheating at beer pong

3)one who has a hankering to watch the gorilas fuck at the zoo

"Tom is a swoos because he cannot hold his boozes and is a light weight"
by debrickshaw December 04, 2006
A fool who seems to blow every chance he's ever had with a female
Paul Canty is an incredible swoos for dropping the ball yet again.
by Dr. Philip Swoosenstein February 01, 2008
the process of completely and utterly PWNING! someone.
Oh my god! You just got SWOO'ed!!
by matt/morgin March 16, 2007
Slut without opportunity.
That ugly girl is such a SWOO.

Person1: Why is that girl sitting alone at this extravagant party?

Person2: Don't worry about her she's just a SWOO
by smuglemuffin September 02, 2010
when a boy is attempting to hit on a girl but has terrible english skills. he is probably trying to say a combination of "swoon" and to "woo" someone.
If I had enormous muscles, would you be "swooed?"

See that girl over there? I'm going to go "swoo" her with my heavenly charms.
by swooed December 04, 2009
n. a combination of the word "swine flu", commonly used by younger generations in place of swine flu to signify how cool they are
Guy 1: Oh dude! Ryan got the swoo!
Guy 2: No way bro! Now we can hit on his girl!

(Synchronized 80's old school high five)
by nish18 October 17, 2009
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