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a. A front thong (see Pussy Floss)that perfects the camel-toe via separating the labia.
I love the way my new frong looks in my jeans.
by Skurry December 27, 2008
when some guy is talking and then you jam your thumb into his mouth, with your fingers grabbing under his chin. Then you yank his face into something, usually a pole or bar of some kind.
This guy was giving me shit last night so I fronged him into a fuckin pipe.
by Dade Murphy March 19, 2005
Fucking Wrong
You are making me teach that stupid person something that will take forever!!! That's just Frong!!!!

Something that is just wrong on all levels.

Extremely wrong
by tackless1 October 05, 2010
n. <fr-on-gah> A type of underwear fat women wear.

v. Another word for pound or pounded.
adj. A word used to describe a bad day or something beaten to a pulp.
other spellings/tenses: fronger, fronged, fronging.
n. "Dammnnn, did you see that lady at the club wearing a frong? Not what she should be wearing."
v. "I was totally fronging her last night! She couldn't take it!"
adj. "Man this day was totally frong."
by Boldman June 27, 2014
its your friend, its your bong. its your frong
my frong has always been there for me.

my frong senses are tingling
by jackdempsey420 April 12, 2011
noun: a bong that also is a friend
me and my frong had a great time smoking
by frong23 April 22, 2011
A man so afro-tastic in the pubic region that it looks like he is wearing a fur thong.
Dude, you need to do some serious manscaping. Look at your frong!
by picky lady July 16, 2009
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