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(adj) cool, hip, funky, neat
That sure is a swoopty user interface ya got there. I got a swoopty new way to play (enter game of choice here).
by The Russler January 17, 2008
The act of Giving or getting oral pleasure
A blow job, eating the box etc
u wanna give me the swoopty
let me get that swoopty
by yeaap June 30, 2010
1. When a dude is not quite bald enough for a combover n still tryin to fake the funk on young ladies by swoopin his extra long bangs over his widows peak.

2. also swoopty can be used to describe a series of turns and swurves to juke and opponent in a video game.
1. "Im so glad I cut off that swoopty, I kept lookin like a homo in my pictures"

2. "man i swoopted that dudes brains out on my way to the net"
by dipbuzz August 19, 2009
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