1. (intransitive verb) to have sex; to procreate.

2. (transitive verb) to have sex with; to procreate with.
1. Justin and Julie are swiving in the car / Justin and Julie swive every Friday night.

2. Justin is swiving Julie in the car / Justin and Julie swive each other every Friday night.
by kadatz April 29, 2010
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swive swav
vb. Archaic. to have sexual intercourse with (a person).
Old English swifan to revolve, {swivel} Source: The Collins English Dictionary © 1998 HarperCollins Publishers
by Anonymous June 09, 2003
Verb. Meaning to have sex or to procreate.
Old English term for fuck.
He's just a cranky old swive
by eswiv June 04, 2012
Swive: The best user on the website, "www.newgrounds.com."

Observe the sexiness here: newgrounds.c o m/gold/profile/template.php3?id=608227
"He is so sexy."
"LOOK AT HIS 1273627637 INCH PEN0R~!!11oneone"
by Swive February 06, 2005

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