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derived from swag, but means to express your swag by partying or dancing.
hop up off my bed, i turn my swirve on
by mexodamus January 14, 2011
1.) Staying chill with a thizz.

2.) Going 18 Dummy

3.) Gas, Break, Slip. Manuevering the bike to perform sliding donoughts.
1.) Im gonna swirve out in the back

2.) We all swirvy in the club.

3.) While riding my bike, I swirved.
by Luis Alverez July 02, 2006
Swirve- Silly While I Ride Viciously Everywhere. Going Stupid, Dumb and Hyphy all at the same time.

I swirve daily. Swirvinators Swirve.

by Ashy Larry & Da Carter July 02, 2006
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