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A word created by the popular boy band member, Harry Styles. On IG (Instagram), He had posted a picture with the caption "Swirv". Many fans think he was trying to spell "*swerve" or "*swirve" as Kanye West calls it.

P.S Harry, you're not hipster yet.
Jamie:"Hey, Alyssah, Harry Styles just posted a picture on instagram with the caption saying, Swirv !!"
Alyssah:"Uhm i think he meant *Swirve."

Harry Styles:" BITCH SWIRV!.....I'm sorry i called you a bitch. I didn't mean it."
by CRAE.O.LUH June 12, 2014
To go with the flow and project positive vibes.

To come out of a situation feeling better than before.

To maintain an attitude of acceptance and focus on only the things you can control.
To be Trill.

To understand what another party is saying.

was created when a group of friends decided to walk home from a late night party in Compton, Ca and saw a Patrol Car heading in there direction. They prepared to get that special Jake treatment and stopped and waited for the Officers to address them.

What happened next shocked them, the officers aimed their spotlight at them yet continued to drive by and not stop them. One of the Gentlemen looked to the sky and said "SWIRV" and the word was born.
Dude dropped his phone, picked it up and looked at it then hit us with that SWIRV.

I asked the lady for her number and she replied swirv and gave it to me.
by Lord V June 22, 2016
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