nickname for a flask
I forgot my swiggy in my jacket.
by blackie December 15, 2003
Top Definition
as real and amazing as can be. something that is swiggy is unbelievably legit and real and awesome
dang fool that song is swiggy!
omg kobe bryant is freakin swiggy
by britton bentley February 18, 2008
(adj)To be relating to or of swigginess; to be cool.
(n) something that is ridden
(n)a bastard
(n) something you say to a teacher when your pissed.
Giddy up Swiggy!

I da Swig Master.

Baby Jesus, SWIGGY!
by Kaitlin March 18, 2005
A hit from a ciggarete or a Cigar Or Blunt.
Let me get a Swiggy, right quick.
Let me get a Swiggy from that fat joint.
by Rudy & Raul July 08, 2004
(from the greek sw-i-gg-p-olisy) Expression expressing that you wish to express that something is swiggy.
'That stew was well swiggy'
'your mom is well swiggy'
'that poster about cat is swiggy'
'thats swiggy'
by Wordsmithlover56 June 02, 2009
The next jesus and can argue better then marina. He is extremely sexy and he has a 64 pack.In Rs he is known as "the pixel form of chuck norris".
OMG its swiggy *faints* look at those abs.
by Swiggyyyy June 28, 2010
something you utter incomprehensively when you have had eighteen too many beers
by Anonymous September 30, 2003
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