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A fan of the young country/pop singer/songwriter Taylor Swift.
Look at her Taylor Swift-shirt! She must be a Swiftie!
by Petroliten June 19, 2011
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Swiftie ( Noun) - someone who fangirls over Taylor Swift every time they see her or hear her name. They are beautiful souls who have a big heart and always treat everyone respectfully. Referred to as “The Swifties”. Best fanbase ever
Allie: "You are so obsessed with Taylor Swift. You stalker."

Emily: "Correction.. I am a SWIFTIE, not a stalker."
by tswiftcraze April 24, 2012
Taylor Swift, just at age 16 released her first self-titled album. Now at age 21 she just wrapped up her Speak Now World Tour U.S leg and has won CMA's Entertainer of the Year twice, 4 Grammys, first country artist to win a VMA, and many many more (146 nominations, won 90 of them roughly 2/3). And is the leading artist in the country.
A Swiftie is a person, guy, girl, man, woman, anyone who supports Taylor Swift in any way shape or form. A True Swiftie supports Taylor in every way, her music, her stage performances, her lyrics, her life, her personality, her choices. Swiftie is it's own definition, because its the best fan base in the world.

Plural: Swifties, Singlular: Swifty, Swiftie (personal prefrence)
A Swiftie will defend Taylor if one critizises her.

A Swiftie will support Taylor.
A Swiftie will help other Swifties.
A Swiftie will do anything for each other and Taylor.

A Swiftie follows the basic life rules of being a fan and a friend of the amazing Taylor Swift
by TrueSwiftie13 November 27, 2011
A rapid spliff.
dude i gotta scoot in ten but you got time for a swiftie?
by grief March 15, 2004
The name given to fans of the country/pop singer/songwriter named Taylor Swift. They are the most amazing fans to her, supporting her through everything she does, and voting for her for award shows like the Teen Choice Awards. Most Swifties will stay Swifties forever. Well, at least I think they should. Taylor is lucky to have the best fans in the world.
See that girl over there in the Taylor Swift jumper? I bet she is a Swiftie. Anyway, she is lining up to buy Taylor's new fragrance "Wonderstruck". And I can see she is also buying the "Speak Now" album.
by ForeverSwiftie13 July 23, 2012
1. A member of "Swiftboat Veterans for Truth."
2. Any person who spreads lies and/or resorts to vicious and immoral tactics to further the GOP cause. (See: Karl Rove)
Like a true swiftie, Cheney looked into the camera and lied through his teeth: "The first time I ever met you was when you walked onto this stage."
by Kapoleon October 13, 2004
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