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Soft drink made by mixing of all the different kinds of sodas at the fountain. Also see: jersey turnpike
My obsession with mixed drinks springs from drinking graveyards as a kid.
by kapoleon October 13, 2004
1. A member of "Swiftboat Veterans for Truth."
2. Any person who spreads lies and/or resorts to vicious and immoral tactics to further the GOP cause. (See: Karl Rove)
Like a true swiftie, Cheney looked into the camera and lied through his teeth: "The first time I ever met you was when you walked onto this stage."
by Kapoleon October 13, 2004
A delicious shot, usually served after closing time. When cleaning up the bar, the contents of the rubber bar mat are poured into a shot glass (or glasses) and drunk in one gulp.
The alcoholic version of a graveyard.
Ah, you're out of money but if you have another shot you'll pass out and shut the f**k up? How about a jersey turnpike?
by Kapoleon October 13, 2004
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