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A rapid spliff.
dude i gotta scoot in ten but you got time for a swiftie?
by grief March 15, 2004
a toking game. Usually one toke pass, but you dont breathe out until you are next passed the doochie. See ninja death swords if you wanna get truly wreckup.
We only got one spliff left, so traffic lights yeh?
by grief March 15, 2004
more mashup than toasted. Toasted is only lightly blazed.
after 3 spliffs: "i'm toasted"
after 10 : "I'm roasted."
by grief March 15, 2004
to be heavily intoxicated, with whatever. Also a noun, and a goal
"bruv i is mashup."
"look, its lil mashup kid!"
"Right, i got a o an a crate, let's get mashup."
"You mashup."
by grief March 15, 2004
past tense of "ming".
"That chick you pulled last night fucking mang mate."
by grief March 15, 2004

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