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Pronounced "swiffle," this is Southwest Florida, a region also known as "Florida's Frenulum" it consists of an odd mixture of nearly deads from the midwest who don't know how to turn left or right off of I-75, and newly weds who work in the health care, hospitality, investment planning and (until the real estate crash of 2000's) construction and real estate speculation. Children born and raised in this area spend their teenage years plotting to escape to someplace with an economy. In an economic downturn, SWFL can be counted on to crash first and recover last.
I was born in SWFL, and as soon as I get out am never coming back!
by Armoryk July 04, 2011
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Smoke Weed For Life(SWFL)
dude, I'm totally going to SWFL.
by CptJackSparrow November 30, 2009
To proclaim that oneself will continue to smoke weed for the rest of ones life.
Swfl nigga', swfl!

I will swfl, father. I promise.
by Nic949 October 27, 2007

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