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Due to obbsessive walking/movement, you get sweaty ankles.
"Dude, ive been walkin so much i got swankles dogg!"
#sweat #ankles #walking #swankles #chris
by greg flemson October 10, 2006
A girl wearing shoes not appropriate for a hot day which will without a doubt result in sweaty ankles. (i.e. cowboy boots, Uggs or high tops).
Dude its like 90 degrees today, but that girl is wearing cowboy boots, she must have some swankles going on.
#girl #ankle #sweaty #boots #hot day
by AlkiAK April 16, 2010
Swankle - pronounced: { Swang-Kull }

Similar to Swelbow

Swankle is the combination of the two words Swollen + Ankle.

Swankle is used to describe an injury in which your ankle is swollen, or constantly swollen.

Can also be used to describe an obese persons ankles, i.e. someone who has an abnormally large ankle or ankles.

Typically common in Skateboarders, BMX'rs, or a fresh ankle Tattoo.
"That's some serious Swankle"

"You're Swankle is the size of a softball!"
#swollen #enlarged #injured #rolled #ankle #swelbow
by Faux Sheez September 11, 2011
When you have a long night out drinking and the next morning you have the alcohol diarrhea. Swankles occurs when you have liquid hot magma coming out for such a long period of time, that you start taking off clothes from sweating. Eventually you have to take your pants/shorts off from around your ankles due to excess sweating. The result is swankles.
Playing beer pong last night gave me swankles today.

swankling I started swankling in the grocery store when I couldn't find a bathroom.
by DrnorJ May 25, 2016
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