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another term for carpet muncher
"Hey, is that Maria making out with Margaret? I guess she does the swan dive"
by Robert L November 17, 2004
When you need to poo so badly, you run to the bathroom, drop your drawers and poo mid sitting down.
I had to go so bad, I ran up three flights of stairs and took a swan dive as soon as I got to the can.
by Jujunum July 28, 2013
The act of abruptly proceeding to fingerbash a female in an unexpected and inappropriate manner.
John felt dinner with Sarah was getting awkward so he went for a swan dive to break the tension.
by Polonski October 19, 2012
Heroically underappreciated talent. Went from initially promising beginnings to obscurity.
'Boy, that Bruce Campbell sure did a Swandive.'
by Anonymous February 18, 2003
The act of swan diving into bed as you would into a pool whilst inadvertantly inserting yourself into your female partner.
- Dude, my girlfriend was sleeping last night, totally did a Swan Dive! - No way!!!
by mFarmer July 17, 2010
When a person stands on the toiletbowl, takes a dump, and has it land in the water, splashing upward toward the person.
"I did a swandive in the bathroom and got feces and water all over the floor."
by ishkerbibble May 14, 2010
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