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A US deep south term for an alligator. Usually used in the Cajun dialect.
Take the big pirogue, I saw a huge swamp dog out there earlier.
#alligator #gator #yard dog #porch puppy #crocodile #croc
by Crystal Ambrose May 12, 2006
(adj) A cosmedically challeneged person.
Dam dude, she was a swamp dog
by cacee July 12, 2005
Similar to swamp donk; but a legitimate term on its own and one that is easier to say.

Refers to a female or male (though the term is typically applied to chicks) who at one time might have been 'clean' (i.e., a dog) but that has now become dirty, annoying and untouchable (because it plays in swamps).

My neighbour Lauren is a swamp dog. She puked on my floor and plugged up my toilet too.
#swamp donk #swampdonk #swampdog #jenna #lauren
by Gaede May 31, 2008
One who is so crazy wierd that they seem to creep instead of walking, or laugh instead of talking, who, if aproached you and asked where a member of your family was, would make you want to run away and take a shower. The creepiest of land mammals, the dirtiest of men.
Dave: Man, that Beatty kid is a real swamp dog, creepin' round an' such.
Mike: Shit, I'm goin' home.
#creep #nasty #hairy #creepy #mongrol
by DCMizzle April 17, 2007
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