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Total piece o' shit that nobody should buy because it costs $150 and holds 150 songs and with that much money you could get an ipod video on ebay. fuck ipod shuffles. they break esily too
Shannon: man i fell off my bike yesterday and my stupid ipod shuffle snapped in half!
DCMizzle: Told yuh not to get one retard.
by DCMizzle April 18, 2007
(PAh-lih-size) To run a government, or create policies for controlling and protecting a group of people. Root word: Policy, NOT Police.
Dave: George; he can't run a government for shit. But Bill; That man can policize!
Dave: Word
by DCMizzle April 17, 2007
Lower part of the 8000 rpm range, not typical on production cars. However, with a boatload of modiufications, a good car will be capable of low-8s. most sportbikes can easily reach low-11s.
201 mph, wow this ride is dope! Low-8s in sixth, holy death!!!
by DCMizzle January 01, 2008
One who is so crazy wierd that they seem to creep instead of walking, or laugh instead of talking, who, if aproached you and asked where a member of your family was, would make you want to run away and take a shower. The creepiest of land mammals, the dirtiest of men.
Dave: Man, that Beatty kid is a real swamp dog, creepin' round an' such.
Mike: Shit, I'm goin' home.
by DCMizzle April 17, 2007
the Chrysler 300c is a FUCKING DODGE CHARGER YOU RETARDS. they're the same car with a different body. literally! seriously, do some research before you call it a nigger car. its probably the best muscle car out today, until the challenger comes out.
fucking idiot: look at that black dude in his fake-ass crentley!
me: I'm gonna wrap your mouth around its exhaust pipe. that car does 0-60 in five seconds.
by DCMizzle April 07, 2008

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