Well the word swagg is simply demetrius coney also known as d swagga black v pair of js and a fitted cap he currently resides in tha double Ls.
Imma fuccin boss I don gotta turn my swagg on cuz it neva cut off! Aye!
by thakidswagga January 29, 2010
People that you have no interest of being in a rerlationship with but they give you benefits..such as sexual or financial.
I went to the party and got 5 swaggs last night..
by HoodInformat August 29, 2009
An idiotic term that is used by many idiotic people who think they are cool and hip and many black people say it. It is the stupidest word ever invited and if you say it or claim to have swagg jump off a fucking cliff or go kill yourself dumbshit!
Stfu you dont have swagg and theres no such thing, so jump off a cliff dumbshit!
by smartguy1234 October 02, 2011
An over used noun/interjection/adjective used by urban teens in the southeast. Heard frequently in songs by Lil B.
1. noun. vast amount of charisma
2. interjection. Said when something is "cool" or interesting happens or is said
3. adj. to be cool and hip
1.The boy wearing very tight and colourful skinny jeans had loads of swagg
2. person #1- Did you see that fight between Fruitista and Bonquisha?
person #2- Swaaaaaagg
by iluvpandapears April 03, 2011
Getting a lapdance, and getting shit on.
Guy: Oh god, she swagged all over me.

Friends: Coooooooool.

Guy: Nahhhhh
by $waGG-Master July 03, 2013
is the accessories that go with yur SWAGG!!
CoinPounch, Chains, Shoes, Snapbacks, ect "swaggs"
by CiceeGuda November 15, 2011
The act of shitting then completely covering it in cum.
My friend Chez swágged on Shawna's stomach.
by Marenson November 13, 2011
it is obtained at birth, you must be born this way, to be very stylish but with originality, i.e trendsetters ; it is a very out-standish and creative and lavish style; overly cool people. your swagg causes people to become haters (become jealous.) people that have swagg usually know a lot about muisc or are into some type of art; everything you wish you were.
"Damn he has so much swagg, he doesn't know which way to send it! "

"her swagg is on point!"

"That outfit is swagg!"
by @fuckuhbarbie August 08, 2011
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