Swagg is lyk how you dress act talk walk etc..
a swagga jacka ilz a person dhat stole ur swagg..lyk i died ma hair red..sumbdiie else do it dey a swagga jacka..it kxcan be conceited stupid(u not stoopid but ur swagg ilz) kxcraziie official..basically itz fye
by Nizzy F. Baby January 08, 2009
mostly known as style, unique part of what makes you different than the other players in a cool way. the way you carry yourself(confidence), your gear(clothes), and anythin else that is pimpin!
i see ya lookin, feelin my swagg.
-respect my fresh- kia shine
by silverbullet2222 September 01, 2007
Confidence, unique style, what makes you different from everybody, wearing clothes with confidence (not worrying about what people think about your style) having pride without being boastful (cocky)...To be cool or to know you are cool (not cocky though)
That kid has swagg...

They talk about my swagg...
by RebelSwagg March 03, 2012
Sex With A Gay Guy
Yo i just came from the hotel, SWAGG.
by Lil nigga October 24, 2012
The act of being a douche
Justin Bieber has Swagg
by Thedoctor1 June 03, 2013
to be fly, to be fresh
i turned my swagg on today
by trapstr111291 February 11, 2009
Something 15 year old white girls don't have.... Never less actually know what it means
Twitter account: "eating cereal, swagg :)"
by aMgS2122 January 08, 2012
Getting a lapdance, and getting shit on.
Guy: Oh god, she swagged all over me.

Friends: Coooooooool.

Guy: Nahhhhh
by $waGG-Master July 03, 2013

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