a punk that sneaks out of his house like a gargoile when his parents sleep to smoke some pot
look! isnt that the swaf?
no his parents dont go to sleep until 1 it isnt the swaf

¿quepasa swaf? smoking some pot ^^
by swaff1 May 05, 2007
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Swaf its better than "swag".
Its not some hipster shit.

Swaf is not being labeled as cool. It different and it's just fun.
Swaf is whatever you want it to be.
"dude you have so much swaf!"
"I'm totally swaffin' right now."
"swaf swaf."
by SwafSwaf August 21, 2011
Short for "sweet as fuck"
"You see the game last night?"
- "Oh yeah man, that second goal was swaf!"
by 784 October 12, 2010
Stands for Sleeping With A Friend
I don't sleep around. I SWAF.
by vensoto September 18, 2014

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