1. sweaty sack

2. scrotal sweat
Billy walked into the locker room and said, "gross. It smells like swack in here."
by G. Secks May 29, 2012
A pair of pants made of sweatpant material, but are meant to resemble slacks. Usually with an elastic waste for husky people.
Dick's fat ass was promoted so he had to trade in the bib-overalls for a pair of swacks.
by The Reverend Shave MyBeever April 10, 2009
to smack someone with something
she got swacked in the face
by shaynabobana April 21, 2011
Another word for Fuck
Whats up girl when you gonna let my Swack?
by Hadiyah May 04, 2008
another pronunciation for the word "swag" originated by Lil B the #based God of The Pack
Soulja boy is garbage- not only did he steal Lil B's aura but he also has no swack.

Damn Based God's swack is reaching Goku level's.
by Y2Dre July 27, 2010
A portmanteau word of "sweaty" and "ball sack"
"Man i've got nasty swack after that basketball game!"
by darknight87 April 20, 2010
Sweaty Crack, no other explation needed.
After 3 pickup bball games in 97 degree weather, richard had quite a large swack stain on his pants.
by nannyfufu December 23, 2009

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