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a barrage of negative karma; SCUD = sucks cause you do
rotarykid negative karma scuded jolly... because jolly is a twat
by tigerlily April 20, 2003
To give everyday things Spank meaning; the gradual process of Spank taking over the world (and internet)
"Adding spank slang to UrbanDictionary is total spankification. - americus"
by tigerlily April 20, 2003
one who would sell his or her mother's soul to obtain sweet sweet karma.
"Monkeyboy is the biggest karma whore on Spankmag"
by tigerlily April 20, 2003
sucks cause you do wordnegative karma scud
by tigerlily April 20, 2003
Stupid piece of over-rated crap. Also lacking in high speed gaming capabilities.
Dude, don't buy that PS2! Why buy a piece of crap that doesn't have a large hard drive, and only has 2 or 3 crappy on-line games.
by Tigerlily June 25, 2003
a lot; a great quantity of something.

swacked off the island: to be banned for something; to gain exceedingly negative karma.
canadaboy gave americus a swack of karma.

puffy was swacked off the island for her deviant ways.
by tigerlily April 17, 2003

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