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Action Verb.
To shamelessly adapt your personality, beliefs, or attitudes in a shallow attempt at fitting in a crowd or getting in a pussy.
I was afraid that she would object to his racist attitudes and advocation of traditional gender roles, but he svenmonked his way into her pants.
by Craiggers September 02, 2003
A mysterious Australian with an opaque past. In this he is the personification his nations' character. Like some Emersonian Lord of the outback, he recreated himself anew from his own human clay. Even his original name is lost to history, so successful has his rebirth been. Time will tell whether his prior nature will reassert itself, or whether there is any prior nature to reassert.
A generally stable, witty, and cultured gentleman to know, but spiced with a dash of danger. His congenial personality belies the shadow of his tumultuous past.
<idali> Check out that pimp. He be stone cold svenmonkin' like a mofo, biatch.
by clarknova September 03, 2003
A charismatic and opportunistic intruder into another male's sexual territoriy. Generally referring to, but not limited to, IRC junkies who troll for cybersex in debate and discussion channels.
This goddamn svenmonk came out of nowhere, circumvented my cock block, and got webcam fuck out of three of my most valuable cyberhoneys.
See Also: Arch-Nemesis, Carpet Bag Pimp, The Mailman.
by sphen-munk September 02, 2003
Who'ss the black private dick who is a sex machine to all the chicks.
Shut your mouth svenmonk!
by Sloth September 02, 2003
s-ven-monk-ey-tic (suh-ven-mungk-ee-tik)
Having the attributes of seven rambunctious monkeys; completely unordered and unpredictable and confusing; lacking intelligible meaning.
"Little Johnny's Secret Message Decoder Ring ©1975 by SMDR and Co. made short work of the svenmonkeytic message."
by idali September 01, 2003
A superfly oldskool playa with skillz that pay the billz. Word.
Check out that pimp. He be stone cold svenmonkin' like a mofo, biatch.
by svenmonk August 29, 2003
Used as an intensive.
"What the svenmonk is going on in here?"
by idali September 01, 2003
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