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a nice chap called sutty . works in it and can confuse everyone in the blink of a eye
search for sutty in google
by elexes April 10, 2004
The word 'Sutty' was a common compliment used during the Industrial era (1800's) and meant someone was generous or giving
He was acting out of a very sutty heart
#generous #giving #industrial #1800's #kind
by Cala232 May 22, 2015
A person wiith a bad attitude, miserable attitude. they make u wanna hit them in the face.
he had a sutty attitude about his work.
#sutty #annoying #boring #bad #miserable
by ASDEY August 19, 2009
amazing, but mis-understood
the stars are sutty tonight
#amazing #confusing #resilient #unique #unusual
by therealsutty August 24, 2009
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