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Generally used as friendly replacement of "figured out", "worked out" or "done".
"You've got it all sussed out don't you, Mac?"
by Damien B June 29, 2004
Discovered the answer. Achieved individual enliglenment regarding a current problem or dilema.
Ah, I think I've sussed it...
by Lactose the Intollerent November 25, 2003

Used when a solution is reached, or when a task is accomplished.
Hey, have you got that budget proposal sussed?
by LGD May 19, 2004
understood. When you have fully understood or learnt a subject you have that subject sussed.
I reckon I've got the calculus homework sussed now.
by David Powell December 09, 2006
British slang for having been assessed or judged as insufficient or noncompliant; unflattering.
Tommy (a "rock opera" musical film) : "Hey you smokin' mother nature, I got you sussed." A PG-13 reference to their weed of equal preference. yikes, a rhyme!
by Opal Mehta May 28, 2008
1; in places outside of Australia it is loosely used as synonym for sorted.
2; however for all those in the know in Australia it is used as a synonym for dodgey or poorly put together.
1; person "hey james how much of the homework have you done?"
me "most of it but i have the rest "sussed"
2; me "crap mate that burger you brought is "sussed" ass"
person "whatcha expect, its from maccas"

maccas; aussie name for mc donalds
by ilikepizzailikebagels April 24, 2009
Used by skinheads - well dressed, "spiffy", good looking, sharp. Or used to describe someone as being dressed like a skinhead.
Hey, that guy at the end of the bar is wearing fred perry and docs is super sussed!

I wanna look sussed tonight!
by SkinheaMBTA October 21, 2003