Short for suspect or suspicous. (Mostly used by semi-paranoid drug user's).
1. To describe a dickhead or someone unliked.
2. Acting suspicous in a situation when it is innapropriate. (Theft or While on Drugs)
3. To betray or 'dog' someone.
4. To be 'sussed'/'sussed out' or watched closely by police or anyone.
5. To closely monitor or know anything well.
1. "He's a suss-cunt.(Suspect)"
2. "Stop looking so suss.(Suspicous)"
3. "Yeah he 'sussed' me with that money he was supposed to pay me back."
4. "That cop is sussing us out"
"That cop had us 'sussed'/'sussed out'."
5. "I had the whole plan 'sussed'/'sussed out'.
by Diego June 23, 2003
Top Definition
To discover or realize information, usually with a level of intuition playing a role.
She was able to suss out his lies very quickly.
by Wylie June 24, 2003
Short for the word 'suspicious'.
I don't know whats going on, its a bit suss.

She looks pretty suss, wonder whats happening?
by Pen4 May 14, 2005
v. sussed, suss·ing, suss·es Slang

1. To infer or discover; figure out
2. To size up; study
1."I think I'm good at sussing out what's going on" (Ry Cooder).
2."Suss out the designers in whom you are interested" (Lucia van der Post).
by hawa_63 January 28, 2012
Jamaican Slang/Patois for Information and or Gossip ("411")
Wah de suss?
by Zedebe November 02, 2010
To check something out or investigate something.

I watch a ton of shows with British speakers and that is the way i hear it used.

I have never heard an American use the word ever.
I'll go suss it out.
by Garrette Jax June 05, 2009
Solve a problem or puzzle using ingenuity.

They're in a bit of a predicament, but I'm sure they'll suss it out.

She had the Rubiks Cube completely sussed within a couple of days.

Debbie just sussed out how to sell shares online.
by joops February 21, 2008
To check something out, have a look at something, investigate, try to figure something out.
You can't figure out how to work the DVD remote? Give me a suss.
by Dan February 26, 2005
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