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5 definitions by Wylie

To discover or realize information, usually with a level of intuition playing a role.
She was able to suss out his lies very quickly.
by Wylie June 24, 2003
467 145
This word is a variant on citizen. A person who interacts with others on the internet. In effect, anyone who uses the internet becomes a netizen.
As netizens, we have a responsibility to ensure that social customs are adhered to.
by Wylie February 03, 2003
238 82
When a person, through age or through excess fat, develops twin lobes just behind their chin which resemble the male genital organs.
Check out those chinticles!
by Wylie June 24, 2003
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What happens when an obese person's stomach has shrunk and expanded enough times that two crescents of flabby flesh hang down, creating the illusion that they have a pair of buttocks up front.
That is a tremendous bumach.
by Wylie June 24, 2003
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an exclamation of surprise, excitement, disappointment, and occasionally disbelief
Bro: Dude, I got the last tickets to Kanye!
Dude: Shnugglebeds! Right on Bro! So, what night are we seeing him again?
Bro: Uh, sorry Dude, I'm taking my lady...
Dude: Aw, shugglebeds!
by Wylie October 17, 2005
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