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Describes a place of living. Such as 'pad' or 'crib'
Yo, let's hit up the surface and bottom out these 40s.
by MrBlaQ May 10, 2005
5 27
One who is shallow or only cares of subjects and topics that are light or superficial
She only cares about her makeup and Mtv, she is a little too 'surface' for me.
by HeidiCoomes July 10, 2008
37 10
a surface such as a cd cover,mirror, that is used for breaking up a drug. i.e. cocaine,bud,e,h,ice,zanny
by hksone July 14, 2009
13 12
When a woman has a face like a man. Hence the term "sir-face"
Damn bro, check out the surface in line. I thought that was a dude from the side...
by DMasSC November 02, 2007
18 32
A whole new dimension to computing from Microsoft. A modified Windows Vista enabled computer in the form of a Coffee Table. Based on Multi-touch technology. No cables, no keyboard, no mouse.
Surface is darn good, damn costly.
by sgr_mdkr June 04, 2007
6 24
what u get off of after doing it
then i went of the surface to find my pants
by blondy July 08, 2005
6 32