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A word created for the Johnny Rocketfingers game. Used to describe something so cool, a new word had to be created.
(After sex)
Woman: Pfhew!
Man: Get out.
by Johnny Rocketfingers July 06, 2003
Extremely Smooth, so smooth the person looks a bit tired.
"That guy at the bar hangin': he's suppish"
by Rayne April 17, 2003
Unbelievibly cool

Johnny Rocketfingers
look at that totally suppish dude mackin on the hot, large-breasted chick!
by Joe February 11, 2003
Used as an adjective, has any of the following definitions:

1. so cool that the person seems sleepy
2. abnormally slick
3. stealthy, sly

from Johnny Rocketfingers
Look at that suppish guy playing pool.
by scykill April 15, 2007