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Dude, I just saw a guy in the bathroom supermanning it!
by scotty_potty August 14, 2009
Wearing one's underwear on the outside of one's pants (or, in the UK, trousers), named for the eponymous superhero's outfit that appears to feature red briefs worn on top of blue leggings.

Is often considered a cop-out approach to theme parties and events that require one to dress in one's underwear.
Did you see many other people downtown celebrating no pants day?
Only a few, and most of them were just Supermanning it.
Well, that's a load of bullshit.

Jenn trolled me last night. She said she was going to text me a picture of herself in her underwear, but in the picture she was just Supermanning it.
by E. McBeard June 21, 2012

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