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when you ejaculate on a girls back then put a blanket on her so when she stands up the blanket sticks therefore making her look like she has a cape.
superman dat hoe everyday.
#superman #dat #hoe #sex #cum
by blink21 August 21, 2007
The art of jerking off on a girls back while she sleeps. When she wakes up the sheets are stuck to her back like a Cape.
While that bitxh fell asleep, shit i super man dat hoe.
#super #man #dat #hoe #superman
by JoEY MaTTz September 22, 2007
When with a girl and you don't get any actiion, you wait until she falls asleep, jack off onto her back so when he rolls over the sheet sticks to her back giving her a cape. Most people know of this term from Soulja Boy's crank dat song.
Watch me superman dat hoe.
Yo, Billy did you get any last night? Nahh but I supermaned dat hoe.
#skeet #jack off #booty #sex #hoe
by BS19 April 09, 2009
v. To "super man dat hoe" is to interrupt intercourse just as male peak is reached, thusly spooge on the female's back, and slap a tissue ontop of the cum, giving her a "cape."
"Shii, daw', you should totally just super man dat hoe - shoot her in duh back and hit a CAPE on dat shit!"
#super #man #dat #that #hoe #superman #intercourse #spooging
by Lucifer Ann October 21, 2007
superman dat hoe slang term used by the rapper Soulja boy in his hit single crank dat.
to skeet on a females backs and then put the sheets over it.
superman dat hoe
#c-lit #bukkake #treats #see also #s piderman dat hoe
by josh n mike October 02, 2007
Basically, it means keep your girl, or a girl in check.
dude, i saw her with steven, you best super man dat hoe.
#put in check #check #superman dat hoe #superman that hoe #super man that hoe #batman dat hoe
by Charllie C July 05, 2007
(v) to fist a female in such a way that it resembles Superman flying headlong through the sky.
Always make sure to get a running start before you Superman dat hoe.
#superman #hoe #fisting #fingering #hand sex
by Dustball December 12, 2007
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