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3 definitions by Tip-drill

1. A person who is not recognized by their significant other, a person who is a distraction in a relationship

2. A one nightstand, what you call the person you had a fling with.

3. A fat ass
1. He was a speed bump that I already forgot

2. She meant nothing to me, she was just a speed bump.

3. Bre, did you see the speed bump on dat honey
by Tip-drill February 27, 2008

The short strands of a female's hair that do not stay in a ponytail or too tiny to fit and ends up sticking out at the sides as individual cowlicks
That chick with the short hair got nothing but wigawomas and barely any ponytail
by Tip-drill February 27, 2008
A male runs extremely fast then leaps in the air and lands directly in between a female's legs; if done correctly both parties will have an orgasm at the same time.
I superman dat hoe until her legs gave way.
by Tip-drill February 27, 2008