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A sport in which participants dress up like flamboyant 70's pimps and race a greased-up hobo in a shopping cart through an obstacle course, such as a mall or department store. Extra points are awarded for business transactions made along the way for those who mistake you for a real pimp.
For the third year in a row, Jon is the Regional Super Fly Hobo Slipping Champion.
by Angus June 08, 2003
an urban sport in which players dress up like flamboyant 70's pimps and try to steer greased hobos through an "obstacle course." (most often a mall or department store) extra points are awarded to players who engage in business transactions with bystanders who mistake them for real pimps.
For the third year in a row Raunchy McNast is the Super Fly Hobo Slipping regional champion.
by weeZy August 12, 2002
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