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short for "post modern"
Who the hell does that po mo bastard think he is?
by weeZy August 12, 2002
to dance.
We all popped E's and began to trip the light fantastic to BT.
by weeZy August 12, 2002
a small peace of poo near or inside the rim of the brown eye resembling a dingle berry
tossing her salad was straight till i got a piece of sphincter cabbage
by weezy April 03, 2005
Some guy from Massachusetts who posts on Proboards just about every day. Despite him being a member of Proboards for almost three years, he is rather unknown.

He is very passionate about the Red Sox.
That homegrown898 guy, yeah, he's pretty cool.
by weezy December 19, 2004
A semi-perverted kid who enjoys classical music and jazz. He often starts new projects, but eventually gets bored with them and starts a new one. He hates where he lives and wishes he lived somewhere much cooler without his lazy brother. His best friend lives across the country and enjoys annoying him on the internet whenever he can. Always watch what you say around him; he's a major smart ass.
Wow, that Snapfoo sure does smell!
by weezy July 22, 2004
a mullet haircut so extreme that it is nearly shaved on the top and sides and the back extends down past the wearer's ass. can also be used to describe the wearer.
Dude, check out the ultimullet on that drunk-ass!
by weeZy August 12, 2002
ass hair spontaneously braiding itself. (not pubic.)
Matt awoke to discover himself the victim of a severe case of gubernataculosis.
by weeZy August 12, 2002

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