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LSD, also sometimes refers to LSA, a similar chemical found in the seeds of Heavenly Blue Morning Glory and Hawiian Baby Woodrose.
"Yo man you know where I can find some sunshine?"
"Naw man, trust me if I knew I'd be trippin' right now."
by Cam K May 08, 2006
28 56
Sunshine - a code that refers to an irate customer at Wal-Mart.
"Code Sunshine to Electronics."
by Christina B November 12, 2007
8 36
Often times, the sexiest guy at school and is surrounded by hoes. But always the biggest nucka in the whole damn group.
That is one hell of a "sunshine".
That "sunshine" had me moaning all night.
by LuckyNumberVII May 22, 2008
7 39
Slang word for coccaine.
"I'm happy I'm feelin glad I got sunshine in a bag" - The Gorillaz
by J-Dizzle March 20, 2005
132 164
sunshine is

a) a slang word for cocaine (in the USA), or
b) a slang word for weed (in the UK).
"I've got sunshine in a bag" -- Gorillaz (UK group, so referring to weed)
by GerSHAK September 25, 2006
52 85
A nickname for someone who is or appears to be a homosexual.
"Tommy, look at sunshine rubbing all over Steve, he must be in love."
by Gregory Koffman April 11, 2006
41 75
An affectionate reference to the genitals

A jovial reference to the genitals, either masculine or feminine.
"Open the fly to your sunshine."
by Ben Franklin December 24, 2005
15 49