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a disease that is rapidly spread among students the last few weeks of school before summer break. symptoms include extreme laziness, backsassing teachers, sudden lack of effort and concern about grades, and falling asleep in classes.
im starting to feel really lazy and everytime i take a test i get a worse and worse score... whatever its probably the summeritis.
by xoxteganxox June 07, 2007
Common during the 3rd quarter winter months. Students thirst for the relief of summer break due to the lack of homework and responsibilities. Summer is a common time for summer love and general hook ups. Side effects of Summeritis: dropping grades, laziness, apathy, bitch fights, mood swings, break ups, really bad winter dances, and a really long winter.
Johnny's severe case of summeritis led him to fail his math class and ironically end up in summer school.
by froman7777777 January 14, 2010
similar to senioritis but occurs every year when the weather begins to warm up and summer approaches.
I have no motivation to finish this paper i think it's the summeritis.
by jstass May 12, 2011
That disgusting feeling everyone gets when it's time to go back to school.
Greg: Oh no... I think Jimmy has Summeritis! What do we do?
Mary: What?! It can't be! Summer isn't over for another two weeks!

Greg: We have to contain it before it spreads!
Mary: To late. He just updated his Facebook status.
by S1ight1yDeranged August 16, 2013
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