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A white/light stain left on a man's trousers/pants, usually on the crotch area. This stain may be from sperm, cum that is left on there, but may also be a coincidental white stain, from milk, PVA glue, etc.

Sugar stains can also be found on other pieces of clothing or surfaces. If you see a sugar stain on some one, make sure that you bring it to their attention that they have one.
Hey Lev, you got a sugar stain!

Is that a sugar stain, or did you spill glue over your crotch again?!

Dude how did that sugar stain get up THERE?!
by lol, the original lol October 14, 2008
The stain left by ejaculate on clothing, sheets, magazines, horses,faces and other such objects.
Dude, it looks like you left a sugar stain on your trousers.
by Mike Hunt In Bangkok October 09, 2008
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