name of indian origin which is made up of two words shudh and ansh that in turn means :part(shudh) of purity(ansh).
sudhanshu is a good name!
by neha rathore February 14, 2010
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Da Biggest INDIAN rapper who shows da boyz in da hood how to rap. He gets all da gurls in da hood. he song is "Welcome to India" Show losers like Dan mcalister how to be pimpin. but sum ppl nver learn. (dan)
U wanna come see sudhanshu's Rap battle with fat Joe?
by AmerIkaZ's NigHtMarE November 08, 2004
The dunbest kid one earth and the swear-o-toligist and thr most retarded kid on earth and he sux a lot i hate him
i dont have one
by Himanshu May 20, 2004

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