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sexually prominent; a success in the areas of sexual relations
Jennifer was sucsexful this weekend, because she got laid.
by Savy Williamson February 26, 2008
If you have sex or receive something sexual u are sucsexful.
"hey Tim what happened to you last night"
"I got sucsexful"

"were you sucsexful last night"
by Elliott Lupson October 29, 2008
After a night of sex or other rowdy tomfoolery, a person would ask the person who was enjoying the sex, whether or not they where succesful, commonly used when a virginity is taken.
Whent he prefix Un is used, it shows a "Unsucsexful" night.
Dave: I heard you lost your V last night
Guy: True
Dave: Where you sucsexful?
Guy: TBH NO! i was unsucsexful.
by FailWinner December 28, 2009
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