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something that is overly horrible.

or sometimes, horribly funny in a creepy sort of way.
when mom issues chore orders, kids reply "suckish!"
by Wesley Jane March 22, 2006
Something that is lame, stupid, or lousy form of suck
Mrs. Jankus gave us a 700 word essay about the origin of corn dogs! Isn't that suckish??
by Ottomann August 27, 2008
A slang term defining a situation or an object that is bad or of no use. Highly popularized on Nickelodeon's "Zoey 101" by Nicole Bristow.
When the plastic chair broke before we left Walmart, Martha called the chair a piece of suckish garbage.
by Edjwardthedivergentmockingjay April 10, 2014
A retarded word meaning "terrible" that the morbidly obese television producer Dan Schneider created for iCarly. Teenagers wouldn't be caught dead saying this in real life.
The words that Dan Schneider created for his television shows are suckish!
by Dawg the Dawg Dawg September 18, 2010
when some thing is so totally bad or wrong. started to be used in malvern by emma!
omg how suckish that charlie dumped ben!
by Forget-Everything March 22, 2006
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