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boss way to tell some mofo that theys a bitch. Slight variations in the saying may occur, such as: Suck it, suck a dick, suck mine, lick on my dick and suck on my balls (sang tunefully).
nerd: why didnt you do your homework alfred? It was worth 5 points!!

alfrizzy: fuckin suck my balls eduardo.

Teacher: Yeah, suck it!
by datboijake February 06, 2008
Exclamation of derision, used to point out that someone has got what they deserved, servers yourself right.
by Fangsta March 18, 2003
a salutation, or way to bid farewell to your friends. Used when leaving a party or band rehersal, or when hanging up from a phone conversation.
Scott: "Thanks for coming over. I'll see you next week."
Rick: "Ok, man. Suck it!"
by Saxman August 04, 2006
Demanding fellatio from the female sex.
"Suck it NOW, I paid you for this! 20 fuckin bucks, you're an expensive bitch! SUCK IT NOW!"
by Punkhead May 25, 2005
Alternation for fuck it.
by Fangsta March 18, 2003
Another way to say **** off without actually saying it.
Like Suck a duck
Go Suck an egg

I fucked your mom and "you" were so drunk you fucked your dog and watched me with your mom sicko'
Suck It guys!

Suck It, You win! Have your pie!
I like cheesecake any way and you won't eat it because your the type of anal retentive that won't eat the pie just because it says cake in the name.

We have a challenge. I can only say T.Y4TY without that part of it I wouldn't be as loved as I am now. That's "true love" and It wouldn't be their with out the mess.

You know me slightly, but I know you better Suck IT Ja'Hoe! Couldn't you just let me go on being mad at you in peace then bringing all this up now? BTW next time make sure she is an idiot and not just playing one to throw you off. Herd all those lame lines before and they don't work now man child!

mai ou ka is another way to see women from japan butt naked!

Suck It, but Don't forget your Towel Bro and in case you crap your pants because you know what you know now don't forget to take some stock out on charmin kids always have a load to give you when they get questioned about who done it;)
by Trick<3'sSick May 16, 2010