making out, kissing excessively and heavily
I had to look at the clock, I had no idea what time it was because we were sucking face for so long.
by Posie August 10, 2004
Top Definition
to kiss for a long period of time, may include (hopefully) some biting and licking of the neck and ears. non-pretty way of saying make out.
Nineteen-year-old Louisa Almedovar and her 22-year-old boyfriend Rich Langley, both of Vineland, New Jersey, USA, sucked face non-stop for a record 30 hours, 59 minutes and 27 seconds on December 5, 2001
by alrae June 29, 2003
hardcore making out. Lots of tongue action
He likes to suck face with his lady friends
by Adam August 10, 2004
It means to make-out voraciously. Term is used more when people see you doing it publicly. Not necessarily a bad thing but people say it more disparagingly.
Jesus, get a room - no one wants to see you suck face right before I order my food, ugh!
by Primadonna August 10, 2004
to make out with someone hardcore...
i'm trying to listen to my music but i can't because them to are sucking face in my backseat
by heather August 10, 2004
To kiss so hard/intensely that one or both partner(s) are literally sucking each others faces
Man those people sucking face over there are grossin' me out!
by Meemo August 09, 2004
Someone or somebody that has only got anywhere in life by sucking up to everyone until their face actually looks
like it has been sucked in.
"There goes suckface with his new work

"What are you doing, having drinks with
the boss suckface?
by MADANGEL August 10, 2005
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