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1) to come up empty in an attempt to achieve. 2) a command to 'get lost' or to 'buzz off'. often used in the form 'go suck eggs.'
1) Jimmy applied to law school, but after a dismal score on the entrance exam he realized he was going to suck eggs. 2) Johnny asked Alesa to the prom, but after that stupid prank he pulled at the homecoming dance, she told him to go suck eggs.
by John W Phillips August 31, 2006
Telling someone to suck on a egg, only the word egg. As they will look stupid sucking a egg.
Suck egg ali
by serivers May 02, 2011
Slang for performing oral sex on a woman.
"I'll teach your grandma to suck eggs!"
by Marcus Dailey November 04, 2006
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