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A place where suburban kids go to get definitions for urban terms and phrases.
I didn't know what a gangsta was, so I went to suburban dictionary
by Anonymous September 23, 2003
Noun referring to website, which is mostly comprised of slang words that are created by non-urban dwellers.
"Dude, I tried to use my new slang from in the hood but nobody knew what I was talking about."

"Yea, that's because those words are created by urban wanna-be's with programmer tans in the 'burbs. They should call it the suburban dictionary."
by Stacey Fay June 28, 2007
A website that should be created to post all of the words that get declined from being posted on Urban Dictionary. It's a wonderful idea that should be carried out.
I wish Urban Dictionary would create a website called SubUrban Dictionary to publish all the words that they decline to posting on the website
by Schro November 24, 2014
What the Urban Dictionary has become with its plethora of lame word puns like "Dopplebanger" and "Protohype" that will never catch on.
John: I want to see if I can find some good words to explain life in the modern zeitgeist.

Jenn: Why don't you look on Urban Dictionary?

John: You mean SUB-Urban Dictionary? Maybe, but I'd have to filter through a lot of crap to find any terms worth using. I'm better off trawling for words on a web-forum!
by Jochen-T April 24, 2010
the dictionary used by yuppies, with words such as "fetch" and "neato"
Trent, why dont you look up "neato" in the suburban dictionary, and give us the definition?
by COO September 23, 2003
Dictionary lacking an index; usually short enough not to require one.
Dre: Yo Webster, where the index at?
Webster: Son, calm down. The dictionary you are using is rather abriged. I do believe there is no need for an index in your suburban dictionary.
by Cletus September 24, 2003
the oxford dictionary
the suburban dictionary isn't for looking up rude words its for education
by gavin September 27, 2003
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