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-A product of the suburbs. Typically a straight married male who would prefer to drink beer in his driveway with other subsexual male neighbors & discuss various sports while increasing his girth.

-The opposite of a metrosexual.

-A seemingly "good guy" who has a fabulous wife, but no intentions of trimming his ear/back/nose hair to please her, despite her pleas otherwise.

-The reason suburbia wives love gay bars & "Passions" parties.

-A man who allows his physical characteristics/sex appeal to diminish once married with children.

-A perfect candidate for "Queer Eye for the Straight Guy".

-Possibly a cover for a closet queer.
"Fine honey, you go hang out with your subsexual friends again tonight. I don't mind tending to our children's every need. Have fun!"
by L.S.M. January 09, 2008
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