a nickname to the subprofiles usually used on AOL instant messenger. (Get a subby at subprofile.com)
check someone's profizzle when you chat with someone on AIM.
by PLHS November 22, 2003
Top Definition
short for submissive. eager to please his/her Master.
I am His subby.
by arouse April 25, 2004
Submitter, as used on Fark.com in the comments thread to refer to the person who wrote the funny headline.
Nice headline, Subby!
by halolauren November 05, 2008
Slang term given exclusively to the practice of attending 'Sublime' (Trance and Hard House party) at Home Nightclub in Sydney, Australia. Must involve the simultaneous practice of consuming copious amounts of drugs.
Sublimer 1: Let's go to Subbie's.
Sublimer 2: I'm only 'Subbing it' if I just drink, I have work on Sunday morning.
Sublimer 1: Subbie's is shit if you aren't fucked up.
by Diego December 01, 2003
Subbies is a slang name for Subutex, Subutex is the most popular brand of Buprenorphine tablets. They are given to People who are opiate dependant to help reduce symptoms of withdrawal They are also a popular recreational drug (especially in prisons)
"are you on a script? Sell us some subbies, I've run out"
by ImReallyAnonymous October 19, 2011
"Subbies" are thought to be a form of opiate derived from a painkiller called Subatex. As of October 2006, usage is not particularly widespread but is however becoming an increasing problem among youths in Britsh towns and cities. Subatex is manufactured in Hull, England by Recket Benckiser.
"got any credit on your fone? I need some subbies from devo so I can wake up dripping, in a phone box with a trucker's penis in my ear".
by Sparkey196 October 15, 2006
A nickname for someone with the surname Soberski or Sobieski or something similar.
There's Subby, that fatass.
by ns December 06, 2003
An adjective describing something or someone as being poor or below standards. Referring to the term "sub-par"
Dan - "Yo you saw that hot chick that sits in front of our math class right?"

Adam - "Dude are you serious? Shes a subby"
by CeJ x NaSTy September 13, 2009
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