3 definitions by PLHS

A profile (area with info, quotes, or shoutouts, and random stuff about your life), usually referred to on AOL instant messenger
Name: Christian
Age: 17
Hobbies: Spreadin the messege of Christ, being an eMCee for Christ

"jesus rox my socks"
by PLHS November 22, 2003
1) Peace, Love, Happiness, Self-Expression
2) Often used to say "goodbye", "peaceout", or "peace"
Joe: Well I gosta go babe
Jill: Bye babe love ya
by PLHS November 22, 2003
a nickname to the subprofiles usually used on AOL instant messenger. (Get a subby at subprofile.com)
check someone's profizzle when you chat with someone on AIM.
by PLHS November 22, 2003

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