Slang for a moronic or trashy person. Someone considered inferior. Derived from sub-human. May also be spelt subbie.
He is such a subby
by Chopps February 13, 2004
short for submachine gun. Often used by Gamers.
He fragged me with the dual subbys
by Mr. Question July 27, 2005
A retardate or someone who acts like a retard. Short for sub-normal.
"Is that how high you wear your pants, subby?"
by creedmoor October 11, 2004
A nickname for someone with the surname Soberski or Sobieski or something similar.
There's Subby, that fatass.
by ns December 06, 2003
a guy who strings almost ever girl along that he knows. manwhore. hear breaker. player.
the dude is such a subby
by holli =) June 17, 2008
Short for, or code for when you can't say the word Subeta, such as another pet site, more commonly Neopets.
*On the Neopets boards*

I hate the way you can get frozen for practically anything on Neo. Subby is so much better....
by Zanes_Secret October 17, 2007
Short for Sub Woofer
Hey man, check out my new subby!
by crouchy October 29, 2005

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