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A fan of decidedly average music. Often living in denial of said fact.

Also, a lover of teh cock.
Suave, Idlewild are SHIT!
by Sekt March 21, 2003
Smoothly agreeable and courteous; Sweet; pleasant; delightful; gracious or agreeable in manner
by jhaylee June 28, 2003
When someone talks so smoothly, that when you give them what they want, you don't feel like they owe you anything.

Suave people say all the right things at the right times.
Shelby: "Chad worked his magic last night and before I knew it, he hit a home run."

Lauren: "Yeah, he's sooo suave."
by Lauren&Shelby November 21, 2010
The ultmate way to say something/someone is the coolest there is. Someone who is suave is so radically cool, that the words cool, swell, sweet or chill can't even begin to apply. Can also be used in the place of hot when speaking of a really really hot young woman. But its not gender specific.

The word suave in this usage has its origins in Vancouver BC, Canada by a radically suave group.
Yo man, that sports car of yours is really suave!
Dude, did you see that babe? She was so totally suave!
Yo babygirl, your style is real suave!
by Neo December 10, 2004
A guy who is cool, well dressed and smooth yet gracious.

Often spelt incorrectly.
Alex : Did you, at any point that evening, feel overdressed?

David: Nope. I've always been Suave, Sealed & Delivered mate.
by dunalia March 12, 2010
To provide a link on an Internet forum of an earlier discussion of the topic at hand or a previously posted news item.
You have been suaved.
by mogate March 13, 2005
Good looking, sexy, smooth talking mocha man.
Suave Tommy
by TriciaJaye October 11, 2012
suave is a feeling, a new thing, an inspiration, a way of livingg, a target, it is a style and a legacy ... it actually means smoothh. It is the secret for success.... it is what makes yu calm and thinkk clearer than yur enemies ... cooler than cool. suaveeee
Hola senorita! you got some suave eyes
by ElSuave November 26, 2009